Austin Mahone Imagine #25 (dirty) :) (requested)

 ”(Y/N), we have that pool out back and never even go swimming. I say we make some use of it,” Austin suggests. 

"Okay, meet me out there in five." You wink playfully.

You were waiting for Austin in the pool… naked. He comes out the patio door and does a cannon ball into the pool. When he surfaces, he sees that you’re not wearing a bathing suit. “Oh, so that’s how you’d like to spend pool time..” he says before attacking your neck with kisses.

A small moan escapes your lips. Austin takes off his trunks. Then he trails his hands down your body to your hips and thrusts into you. You moan louder this time and the neighbor’s dog starts barking. Austin chuckles, but keeps thrusting.

"A-Austin!" you groan as you reach your orgasm. He keeps going until he reaches his climax.

"Aren’t you glad that I decided to use the pool?" Austin asks.

"Aren’t you glad I decided to swim naked?" you chuckle.

*For Anon

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